Our Story

About the Brand
Helian Designs was founded in San Diego, Ca in 2020 with one simple mission in mind, to highlight all levels of female combat sport athletes worldwide, design innovative high-quality female focused apparel, and spread a positive message to the globe.
There is a clear difference in the way that female athletes are treated and compensated compared to their male counterparts on all competitive levels. Many women in sports struggle to receive legitimate opportunities, equal pay, television airtime, adequate facilities, a harassment free gym/locker room, and the list goes on. These types of grievances should never arise at any level especially the professional level. From competitions, to paying for training sessions, bills, food, supplements, and everything else necessary to compete at the highest levels the cost can add up quick. That is why a portion of each purchase goes directly towards our mission of supporting female athletes.

Our Name
This is a picture of a bouquet of yellow sunflowers with a white wall as the backdrop

Our name Helian is short for the word Helianthus which is the scientific name for sunflowers. This comes from the Greek word for ‘sun’ which is ‘helios’ and ‘flower’ which is ‘anthus.’ The sunflower symbolizes happiness, positivity, longevity, and loyalty. These are the qualities this brand aims to bring to the forefront. Sunflowers are also known as "hyper-accumulators" meaning once planted their root systems take the heavy metals and contaminants out of soil. Each order comes with a positive note or affirmation, and a package of sunflower seeds in the hopes they will be planted, bring joy to those who see them, and to enrich the soil in our gardens as well as our lives. This is why we want to cover the world in sunflowers.